Know the details of DASH diet

A DASH diet is nothing but a dietary approach in order to stop hypertension and high blood pressure. This diet mainly emphasizes to eat more amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat dairy products and lean protein. These foods are rich in calcium, potassium, protein and fiber which have the ability to lower blood pressure. This diet restricts the intake of foods which are high in saturated fats like the tropical oils, full fat dairy products and fatty meat along with various sweets and beverages which have high amounts of sugars. 

When you follow DASH diet you should make sure to reduce the intake of sodium to 2300 milligrams per day and can reduce the amounts gradually. As it’s the best diet and can easily be followed for a longer period this is ranked as the best overall diet by the experts in the US. 

Whenever you are planning to start a DASH diet always make sure to start gradually rather than making serious changes overnight. Always you should start with small changes whichever is possible to you. Primarily you can start adding a fruit or vegetable serving to your meal. Try to introduce 2 or more meat free meals in each of your week. Rather than adding salt make it a point to add some spices and herbs to make your food tasty. In snacks you can have almonds or pecans than a packet of chips. Replacing white flour with the whole wheat flour is always advisable as and when required. You should make it a point to go for a 15- minute walk after every meal or at least after your lunch and dinner or can go for both. 

It’s all about controlling the intake of your calories which having the foods that are good for our body. It is one of the best diets plans available and by following it in the right way through designed plan for calorie intake you can lose weight while you can stay energetic and healthy than ever before. For those who love sugars and fatty foods it might be a bit tough but this diet doesn’t completely restrict you from having your favorite foods completely. You can add your favorite foods sometimes into your normal diet plan due to which there are higher chances that you can stick to it for a long term. 

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