What is flexitarian diet and how does it work?

Flexitarian is a combination of two words i.e. flexible and vegetables. It’s a vegetarian way to lose weight while you can stay healthy and prevent various diseases. In this diet you have to be a vegetarian most of the time but when the urge hits severely then you can go for a steak or burger. It’s all about having more plants and less meat. Following this diet regularly will not just help you lose weight but your overall health will also be improved. You can live longer by reducing the rate of heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. This diet provides you with all the necessary amounts of carbs, proteins, fats and various other kinds of vitamins which our body needs. In order to be a flexitarian you need to have 5 food groups in the diet like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, diary, new meat or non meat protein foods like peas, eggs or beans, spices and sugars. 

It’s a 5-week meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and various snack recipes. According to your comfort zone you can either follow the plans as provided or you can swap any recipe from another week. The diet is a 3-4-5 regimen where you need to take around 300 calories for breakfast, and 400 calories for lunch and 500 calories for dinner and can add around 150 calories each for a snack. You can consume around 1500 calories per day. According to individual’s activity levels, height and weight, gender you can add or reduce the calories intake. 

You can follow this diet on your comfort levels. Just start with the diet and try out the various recipes. You can definitely find great results once you are able to follow the meal plan for around five weeks. You can also checkout the various recipes and try each one every time. 

As the diet can be altered according to the individual’s requirement and taste, it is budget-friendly diet. You can also lose weight and maintain a low BMI when you follow this diet as researchers say that vegetarians consume fewer calories when compared to the non vegetarians. You can eat lots of vegetables, fruits and whole grains with which you feel much fuller by consuming very low calories.  By following this diet and by introducing physical activity you can definitely shed lot of excess weight and become healthy and active. How quick you can achieve your goal will merely depend on your dedication of following the diet and staying away from meat. The diet is very easy to follow and you need not follow it exactly as specified in the plan. You just need to be progressive and not be perfect. The diet recipes are easy to prepare and healthy foods which you will definitely enjoy while having. To prepare each recipe you just need 5 main ingredients. You can manage eating outside as well. Provided you need to check out the restaurants that provide healthy meals.

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